First Response: Sherman reading

This week’s first reading certainly sparked some thought about how the city has been historically characterized by a series of systems. However, Sherman proposes that there have been five distinct periods civilization has gone through; the final ending in the “Ecological/Web City”. He treats the phase before this, the “Thermodynamic City of Combustion,” with an obvious degree of contempt, using phrases like, “burning with a warm core, but rendered monstrous by the chocking by-products of its productive capacity.” In cautious skepticism, I wonder how true it is that we have made a complete transition to his idealized fifth phase. Despite changes in the 21st century way of thinking that have led us to be more ecologically conscious, the world economy is still heavily dependent on the hydrocarbon exchange. Was he wrong in assuming that we have attained an interdependent energy flow system based on lateral hierarchies?


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